Nice painting

Well done

That’s a clever poem

Nicely penned

You have a great voice

Keep singing

Wow! Beautiful costume

Well designed

Hey boy! Hey girl!

The praises are too much

Don’t be complacent

Lets get back to work

Envy eyes are watching closely

Ready to ruin what is written in the stars

Don’t panic

They know nothing about your talents

Your world is full of colours

A nice painting from different colours

Soft brush working with a fast hand

You talk to your emotions everyday

Writing is what you love

You are so entangled in words

Your stories have change lives

Your voice can be heard through a wall

I can breathe that song in the air

You wrote that song

Didn’t you?

I see the energy you produce on the stage

Your fans are dying for you

Why is everyone looking at me

It seems my costume has caught their eyes

You have added more light to this event

Your creative ideas have designed this

I look so gorgeous in this well designed costume

Everyone is a perfect match for their talents.


Set up the stage and be ready for an action

Beginning a new life

In a new environment

New friends were met

Past memories were kept in old cupboards

Till an enigma came off

In a wild play

Squeezing my body to escape through that small door

Deceived by the main character in the play

That was quite intriguing to the playwright

Braces behind false smiles

Eager to know who’s behind the mask

The invisible character was seen as a silhouette leaned over a cracked wall.

Not everyone comes to you with friendship, some people just want a front row seat to your pain. So be careful who you trust.