Poem by Jessyreaders. BRAILLE SCRIPT

Hoping for the best today and tomorrow


Fear is still here and courage is lost

Concentration is still escaping time

Pleased with the start of the process

The end has created confusion

The wrong ones were accepted but the right ones were rejected

Heartbeat keep rising when pain crosses its boundary

Every specialist took the case at heart but was to no avail

Opportunity is sitting on the front row seat

Still searching at the back seat

Those lines were misread

The script has been changed

An explainer world toolkit of BRAILLE SCRIPT


Breathing in a dusty environment

Throat dry and unsheltered

Caring less for the lost and traumatised

Treating humans like animals

Inflicting pain to their weary bones

Women are jailed at home

Speaking your mind as a woman is a curse to their land

The kind hearted were brainwashed

Our tears taste sale and salty

Comfort zone was missing on the land

Our hope was far away.


The system was cool and enjoyable at infant

Learning the steps carefully to avoid mistakes

Life can be pictured in the future

Unfortunately, there will be traffic on the way

Steps are slowed down, creating hinges on the stairs

Trying to figure out the error

The system has been hacked by a black hat hacker

Need a code to assume it

Millions of people are rushing to that code

Few will survive but many will stay.


Don’t forget the wonderful scenes

Being displayed here

It came to a halt when the cameras snapped wrong images

Accepting it was a difficult one

Perfection seems to be on each face

Like an athlete who wants to win every race

Voices raise with a high tone

Understanding was a tough issue to bare

Fun memories were scattered and a separation was made.

© Jessyreaders Poetry Hub ✍️
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